Horror, True Crime, and Paranormal Podcasts? We're obsessed to the bone.

Dive into the shadows with Killer Podcasts' handpicked selection of spine-chilling series—perfect for Halloween or whenever you crave a dose of the macabre. From haunting histories to terrifying true crimes, get ready for a pulse-pounding experience that will keep you hooked from the first scream to the last whisper.

The KillerPodcasts.com catalog features ParaTruth, The Mad Scientist Podcast, Crime Capsule and Who Killed…? and many more. These shows range from the macabre to truly bizarre, but will keep the listener wanting more.

“The fascinating storytelling, detailed reporting and range of subjects will give listeners a new angle on believe-it-or-not accounts. With a channel like Killer Podcasts available, there’s a deep and wide variety of content to enjoy,” says David Allen Moss, Evergreen CCO.

The Team

Michael DeAloia

Evergreen Podcasts Chief Executive Officer
Executive Producer, Killer Podcasts

Gerardo Orlando

Evergreen Podcasts Vice President of Network Development
Executive Producer, Killer Podcasts

David Moss

Evergreen Podcasts Chief Creative Officer
Executive Producer, Killer Podcasts

Let's Kill the Category, Together

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