Ain't It Scary? with Sean & Carrie

He's skeptical. She's spooky.

Together they explore the unknown, unsolved, unbelievable, and just plain weird. Sean’s sharp eye on the logical and Carrie’s open mind to the unexplainable combine in every episode for an informative hour with a lighter touch.

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The Team

Carrie McCabe

Host, Producer
Carrie is an award-winning writer, filmmaker, devoted dog mom, and self-proclaimed Spooky Stuff Expert™ that lives by the motto "Every day is Halloween."

Sean McCabe

Host, Producer, Editor
By day, Sean is a local TV reporter, where his hard-nosed skepticism serves him well; by night, he can be found hosting and editing "Ain't it Scary?", hanging out with his wife and dog, and dreaming up ideas for running a variety of TTRPGs.