Carol Costello Presents: Blind Rage

The Phyllis Cottle Story

Veteran journalist Carol Costello revisits the first big assignment she covered as a rookie reporter. In March of 1984, Phyllis Cottle was kidnapped as she left work in downtown Akron, Ohio, brutally assaulted, and left to die. Except, against all odds, she survived.

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A Suspect

| S:1 E:7

Detectives zero in on their suspect, Samuel Herring, whose rap sheet stretches back to childhood. But how will they confirm he’s their guy when Phyllis cannot see?

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Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:6
Police conduct a citywide manhunt to find Phyllis' attacker, while a tip and a mistake lead Detective Contos to his first compelling suspect....
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Extended Interviews

Killer Podcasts | S:1
This week, a pair of extended interviews with two voices from our series: former prosecutor Emily Pelphry, and criminologist Dr. Casey Jordan....
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Who Would Do This?

Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:5
Phyllis mines her memory for details to help detectives apprehend her attacker, and Carol discusses the perp's mindset with a criminologist....
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The Living Homicide Victim

Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:4
In an emergency room at Akron City Hospital, medical staff tend to Phyllis while detectives attempt to interview her....
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Carol Costello

Carol Costello is an award-winning journalist and former anchor and correspondent at CNN and HLN. Her distinguished career as a local, regional, and national broadcaster spans three decades, covering a broad range of world leaders, events, crime, and politics.

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