Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color

True Crime Comedy,
History, and Culture
About Minoritized People

A weekly podcast hosted by Wendy and Beth, two female true crime enthusiasts who aim to bring you the untold stories of crimes committed by serial killers of color. They dive into the lives, culture, and social environment that may have contributed to the evolution of the crimes.

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The Origin Story

Fruitloops started over their love of true crime podcasts and their realization that the true crime space was lacking diverse female voices, as well as the diverse stories. Rather than just waiting around for that kind of show to magically appear, they decided to create it themselves. In July of 2018 they launched the podcast, and 200+ episodes later, they are still going strong.

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The Team

Wendy Williams

Host & Writer
Wendy is the host, writer & researcher on Fruitloops. An African American/Latinx queer millennial, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children.

Beth Williams

Beth is co-host and Wendy's partner in true crime. A GenXer and the show’s resident OG of true crime who just happens to be white, she lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she also does writing, researching, editing, and graphic design for the show.


Researcher & Writer
Minnie is Beth’s sister. She has lived in several countries and studied various languages, but she currently resides in Edmonton, Canada. She helps out with the research and writing for the show.