Scams & Cons

Don't Become a Sucker. Listen In.

Scammers don't steal your money, they create a world where it makes perfect sense to hand your cash over to them. Scams and Cons are crimes of social engineering. We'll tell you all about the scams, how they work and why people fall for them.

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Meet The Host

EpisodesNew episodes every Thursday.

Scammers and con artists succeed by creating a bubble around a mark where it makes perfect sense to hand over their money. Scams & Cons exposes the psychology and techniques used to identify willing marks and exploit their vulnerabilities. Through interviews with experts and careful research, these scams are exposed. Each episode takes you deeper into their world and tells you how to avoid becoming their next mark.

The Team

Jim Grimstead

Jim Grinstead is a 40-year veteran in journalism and a seasoned podcaster. Scams and Cons is his second podcast.