Stop The Killing

Stop The Killing

A deep dive into the case files of former head of the FBI’s Active Shooter program Katherine Schweit with Co-Host Sarah Ferris. This US-UK dynamite true crime podcast duo reveal the insider’s story of what happened and what went wrong at some of the world's worst mass shootings, empowering listeners along the way. Not a fear and scary facts conversation, and no politics.

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The Team

Kathrine W. Schweit

Katherine Schweit is a lawyer and former FBI Executive who currently teaches law classes at DePaul and Webster universities. She is the author of the book, Stop the Killing: How to End the Mass Shootings Crisis.

Sarah Ferris

Sarah is a London based Kiwi and was an avid podcast listener turned creator. Check out Sarah’s other podcasts, Conning the CON, Guilty Greenie, and Stop the Killing.