The Mad Scientist Podcast

Science of the Weird

The Mad Scientist Podcast is a show about the science, philosophy, and history of paranormal, pseudoscientific, and otherwise weird claims. Hosted by Christopher Cogswell and Marie Mayhew, the show delves deep into serious and funny topics with in depth, well researched episodes on a variety of topics and interviews with leaders in the world of science and the weird.

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The Team

Marie Mayhew

A lead researcher on the Mad Scientist Podcast. She provides hard hitting investigative skills and is the Jay to Chris's Silent Bob on the Roundtables.

Chris Cogswell

I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering with a focus on nanomaterials for adsorption and separations.

Desdymona Howard

I am an instructional coach for High School teachers, and the Oracle to Marie and Chris's Batman and Robin. I can be found behind the scenes.