The Phyllis Cottle Story

Veteran journalist Carol Costello revisits the first big assignment she covered as a rookie reporter. In March of 1984, Phyllis Cottle was kidnapped as she left work in downtown Akron, Ohio, brutally assaulted, and left to die. Except, against all odds, she survived.

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Happy Birthday

| S:1 E:11

Now the defense makes its case. As witness Chili Mo enters the courtroom, prosecutor Bob Bulford notices something remarkable unfold before his eyes. Phyllis braces for the moment Samuel Herring takes the stand, a questionable move on the part of his attorney. Criminologist Casey Jordan breaks down the defense’s lines of questioning. Will Herring’s testimony be enough to convince the jury of his innocence?

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Update: The Unthinkable

Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:16
Carol shares a shocking development in the case of Phyllis Cottle's brutal assault....
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Bonus: Survivors and the Media

Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:15
Carol interviews her former colleague, award-winning producer Ronni Berke, about what it’s like to interview victims....
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Bonus: A Spiritual Awakening

Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:14
In this bonus episode, Carol interviews attorney Larry Vuillemin, Phyllis’ good friend who shared a similar spiritual experience with her....
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Bonus: Why Didn't You Scream?

Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:13
Carol interviews Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh, whose life mission is to change the way we respond to survivors of sexual assault....
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