Mary & Bill: An Ohio Cold Case

In 1970, Mary and Bill, two university students in love, were brutally murdered in a Columbus, Ohio The case has never been solved. To understand why, Host/Producer Justin Glanville and the sisters of the victims track down friends, witnesses and the Columbus police. They also explore what it takes to bring new attention to a 50-year-old cold case.

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A Crime of Passion?

| S:1 E:4

Police and family members have long speculated that whoever killed Mary Petry and Bill Sproat may have known them. There were no signs of forced entry into the apartment, and the brutal nature of the killings indicates an emotional component. But Mary and Bill had no apparent enemies. An unexpected tip came in the mid-2000s, saying a religious figure in Mary's life wanted to punish her for considering pre-marital sex – a theory that Mary’s sister finds bizarre. Several retired police officers share their perspectives on the case, including submitting DNA evidence for matching in a state database.

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Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:7
The approvals process for submitting DNA evidence proves time-consuming, as Columbus Police ready samples for “familial searches” of offender data...
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6. Behind the “Blue Wall” (Sort Of)

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And She Was Gone

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A Dimly-Lit Welcome

Killer Podcasts | S:1 E:3
The Columbus police make a surprise visit to Cleveland, and one of the surviving reporters who covered the murders of Mary Petry and Bill Sproat i...
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